Bath and Body Works has always been one of my favorite stores. I love walking in and getting surrounded by sweet smells and fantastic sales people. Truly, every one of their stores that I've ever been in has the best staff who are so helpful and cheery. Their scents are always amazing and their holiday scents are magnificent.

This year, Bath and Body Works has introduced two new fragrances that I am gaga over.

Twilight Woods is the latest scent from the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection. This romantic scent is definitely my favorite to date. It's a very feminine fragrance without being overly fruity, which I like. It's spicy and sultry and when I spray it on I feel instantly chic. Twilight Woods is the newest addition to the Bath and Body Works "Cuddler" collection, a set of scents designed to make you feel cozy, comforted and relaxed. This scent does exactly what it is designed for and so much more. The Twilight Woods scent combines lush, dewy fruits with elegant, exotic woods and the scent that is created is extremely alluring. This scent was designed by master perfumers Harry Fremont, Jane Konnyu and Honorine Blane who are experts in the fragrance field. The top notes of this scent are Juicy Berry, Sparkling Mandarin and a hint of Coconut. The sweetness of the top note is perfectly flattered by the Freesia in the mid notes and the musk of the dry notes. The combination of sweet and musky is one of the things that makes this scent my absolute favorite. The Eau de Toilette spray comes in a gorgeous bottle and lasts all day long. I love knowing that the scent is still apparent even after running around all day.

You can get the Twilight Woods collection in the Eau de toilette spray, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Shower Gel, Shower Cream, Frangrance Mist, Bubble Bath, Body Cream, Hand Cream and limited-edition Roller Ball EDT. I think that a gift set of this scent would be fabulous for any woman and make her feel so pampered and sexy. This scent and all the products from Bath and Body Works are one of my top picks for the Lolidots Ultimate Gift Guide and there are usually several people on my shopping list that get Bath and Body Works gifts.

Bath and Body Works products are available in their retail stores nationwide or their online store.