Did you know that a normal blow dryer puts out radiation that is equal to a microwave? Eye opening, isn't it? With all the talk these days to go "eco-friendly" with everything, are we remembering the small appliances that we use every day on our hair?

Barbar Hair Care is remembering that and doing something about it. The Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000 blow dryer uses the latest in technology by having an eco-friendly ceramic heating element. Regular blow dryers use a coil heating element. This means that a standard 1800 watt blow dryer has over 200 mG (milligauss) output radiation, while the Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000 uses 5.0 mG. What's more, the heating element in the Barbar blow dryer lasts 5x longer than a standard coil heating element. I really can't count how many blow dryers I've gone through over the years. The Barbar ECO 8000 would have outlasted them all. It uses 90% electricity. For women who use their blow dryers everyday or for long periods of time to dry thick and long hair, that is an amazing pro for this blow dryer. This blow dryer has a cool shot release button, and 11 foot professional cord, heats up to 266 degrees, saves electricity and negates radiation. Why would you ever use another blow dryer?

Check out this great video about the Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000.

Barbar Hair Care is a wonderful source for your hair care needs. You'll find all kinds of professional grade tools and other hair care supplies. In addition, you'll find helpful articles and tips on how to care for you hair. This is something I'm always searching for and the articles at Barbar have been extremely helpful.

I recently tried out the Barbar 2300 Titanium-Ionic Flat Iron. I really like it. Why? I often straighten my hair when it's still damp. I like flat irons that will safely straighten my hair whether it's wet or dry. This flat iron has ionic ventilation holes along the top of it that seal in moisture instead of drying out my hair. I like that the Barbar 2300 Titanium-Ionic Flat Iron heats up to 420 degrees and it does so rather quickly. The digital temperature display is nice and handy and I love the swivel cord that keeps me from getting tangled up while I'm straightening. This flat iron is equipped with titanium plates that heat up more evenly and last longer than ceramic plates. All in all, I was impressed by this flat iron and would recommend it.

Whether you're a stylist or just a consumer looking for great hair care products, I recommend Barbar's products and their website for your purchases and tutorials.

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