I use my laptop all day, every day. I hate to admit it but, I really have it on entirely too often and for periods of time that are too long. I was starting to notice that after my laptop had been on for a while, it was sluggish and it really gets hot. It seemed like the hotter it got, the slower it got. So, I took two stone coasters and propped up the back to let air flow more freely underneath. Sure, it worked but, only when it was sitting on a table. Now, I've got a much better solution.

The Xpad is a laptop cooler that works without fans. No need to plug it in or put in batteries. It's completely and totally green and uses no energy whatsoever. I love that the top has a non-slip surface on the corners so that my computer feels stable and sturdy and doesn't slide around at all. It's even more sturdy than when it's just sitting on the table by itself. It's also incredibly nice when you have the laptop in your lap because it feels perfectly secure and like the computer is on a desk in your lap. The unique X pattern of anti-skid pads accommodates most laptop sizes.


The Xpad doesn't need to use cooling fans because it's unique design allows the computer's own cooling system to simply function better by giving more room underneath for airflow. It's completely portable, lightweight and absolutely works. I've been beyond happy with my Xpad and have been using it for a few months now. It works and works well. My computer doesn't get overheated anymore and I love that I can have it in my lap without burning my legs. The Xpad itself doesn't get hot at all.

The other really nice thing is that having my computer up on the Xpad means that if someone spills a drink on the table, my computer won't be affected. If I set my computer down on something icky or sticky, it's not going to get on the bottom of the computer itself. There really are just so many reasons that I adore the Xpad. It's been such a blessing for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses a laptop. Whether you sit at a desk or like your computer in bed, you need an Xpad.

Great gift for the computer user on your holiday shopping list! Wonderfully unique and totally practical!

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