I am not a baker.

Really. Practically ever time I bake, something goes wrong. Normally, when I bake, it ends up sticking to the pan or burning on the bottom. I know that one of my problems is my lack of good bakeware. I'm now certain that if I had a cabinet full of Wilton products, I'd be one step closer to being a better baker.

The history of Wilton is unbelievably interesting. They are a company that has been dedicated to cake decorating, candy making and teaching people to do both for 80 years. Throughout the years, Wilton has grown drastically but, the drive to give people the tools and teaching needed for fabulous baking and decorating has remained the same. Wilton is the number one source for nationally located decorating classes and always provides the highest quality products to go with their easy step-by-step instructions that can be found on their online site.

For me, the first stop on the Wilton site needs to be Cake Decorating 101. This page contains super easy to follow instructions on everything from making icing to putting it perfectly on your dessert. When it comes to cake decorating, I'm a bit of a dunce. I never know what to do or how to make it work right. The next time I attempt a cake, you can bet that the Wilton Cake Decorating 101 page will be open right beside me!

I had the opportunity to try out one of the amazing products offered by Wilton. Wilton is the #1 bakeware brand in America and their Bakeware Shop is extensive and impressive. Wilton sent me the Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan.

Really, this makes the cutest cake ever. The possibilities here are bountiful. I was both excited and nervous to try out this pan. I took the easy route and had my husband pick up some cake mixes and icing at the store.

Let me say, do not fill the pan up this much.

Heed my warning and learn from my mistakes!

Even though I am baking challenged, Wilton Bakeware seemed to know and understand that. The cake came out wonderfully. It was cooked perfectly and I was floored when it slid right out of the pan, leaving the pan looking freshly washed. No burnt cake here!

While your child licks the bowl, attach the top part of the cake to the bottom part with a thin layer of icing. I did actually think that the next time I do this I may use some kind of yummy pudding filling or something here.

Once the cupcake is put together, decorate away! Now, here is where I could have used the Decorating 101 and a little bit of inspiration. Though, with such a cute cake, any kind of icing is fine. The next time I make this cake I will definitely be better prepared and decorate with much more gusto and make it much more fun. The possibilities with decorating are endless.

All in all, despite my lack of baking skills, I adore this pan. I'm completely sold on Wilton Bakeware and can't wait to own some more pieces. This particular Giant Cupcake Pan will really make my daughter's birthday party fun this year. The best part about this pan is it's versatility. Yes, you can use it for a First Birthday but, you could also use it for Christmas or Halloween or a 10th Birthday just as easily. If you have any plans on making a cake any time in the future, I recommend that the Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan become a part of your bakeware set.

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