I feel like cute shoes are just a necessity. You know, food, clothing, shelter...and cute shoes! Now, I've got myself and my daughter totally covered in that department but, it gets a bit harder when it comes to my son. I'm sure that the mothers of boys know what I'm saying. Sure, there are cute shoes out there but, my 6 year old wants fun shoes, theme shoes. Let's face it, usually the theme shoes are just a little too cutesy and babyish for my cool little boy. He recently received a pair of shoes from Weboo that are absolutely amazing.

I promise you that you've never seen any shoes like those that Weboo carries. When my son wears these dinosaur shoes, every eye turns to his feet when he enters a room. I have never seen people go so completely gaga over a pair of shoes as people do when my son has his Weboo shoes on.

Weboo merges kids' shoes with toys, bringing interactivity and "play value" to children's shoe designs. Their promise: Every pair will have some measure of toy value integrated into functional and comfortable children's shoes. And, let me say, they totally live up to that promise. Every shoe that Weboo offers is cuter than the last and there is a style for every child's interests.

One of the really great things about Weboo is their website. My son had so much fun browsing through the shoe styles but, was over the moon elated when he realized he could "Meet the Gang" and find out about all the characters. I love how Weboo feeds a child's imagination. What other shoe company does that?

Yes, the shoes are fun and the kids love them but, my personal favorite part about Weboo shoes is how they are made. First, they are slip on. Huge plus. Weboo uses their special WeFit System. All Weboo footwear is molded from patented Ultra-durable EXOTUFF into highly detailed and exclusive characters, each with a unique hand-painted finish. The inner part of the shoe is comparable to a water shoe. The material is soft, flexible and makes the shoe fit the foot so well. I love that my son can wear these without socks and not get blisters. I love that they breathe so well and keep his feet cool.

Shoes that simulate a natural barefoot environment, complete with flexible soles, non-tapered toe beds, soft uppers, and minimal arch support seem to be the best for the feet of active and growing children. On top of how amazing the upper parts of these shoes are and the benefits of using that style of upper, Weboo soles are like sneakers. So, my son's feet are comfortable, in an environment that is encouraging the healthiest growing and the bottoms are completely protected while he's running, jumping and taking his Weboo T-Bone shoes for another journey.

I just cannot say enough good things about these shoes. They are absolutely my favorite shoes that my son has ever had. Everyone who has seen them declares that they must have a pair for their children. I am confident that everyone will absolutely love these shoes. There are so many adorable styles that kids will love and parents will love how amazing they are for the feet of our kiddos.

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