Not too long ago I had an amazing giveaway from VTech. If you've gotten your child, or anyone's child, the fantastic V.Reader or are planning on making their holiday season brighter by gifting it to a lucky child, then I've got some great news for you!

VTech has launched it's Learning Lodge Navigator and it's amazing. The Learning Lodge Navigator is a free online tool that offers downloadable books, games, customized themes and avatars. Additionally, Learning Lodge allows parents to track their children’s achievement through a customized Progress Log which provides parents with an overview of how their child is progressing through key learning curriculum, all of which are age-appropriate. Online registration is easy and can be accessed by visiting

You'll love the features of the Learning Lodge Navigator and you'll love even more that when you register you'll get Six free, downloadable e-Books, worth $30!!!! SIX FREE BOOKS FOR THE V.READER!!! And, they are super cute books! Get your V.Reader and use the USB port to plug it into the computer and start the fun. My kids absolutely adore their V.Reader and it's definitely at the top of my list for tools that kids are better for having. My 3 year old daughter is starting to show word recognition and I know that the V.Reader is, in part, to thank for that. When my 6 year old son has a choice in what video game system he gets to play, he generally reaches for the V.Reader. It's just that much fun! So, get your V.Reader and download the FREE E-BOOKS!