My son starts kindergarten in about two months. He's been on the verge of reading for some time now but, we're really starting to see the light bulb come on and he's now realizing that he wants to read. Sure, school will help push him down that path but, in the meantime and as a helpful tool once school starts, I am beyond thrilled to let him play with the new VTech V.Reader.

The V.Reader is an electronic, interactive, easy to use reading tool that will get your kids reading, reading better and enjoying reading. V. Reader brings reading to life by using pictures, sounds and interactivity.

What do I think?
The VTech V.Reader is absolutely amazing and a must-have for any child. Let's face it, the world is much different from when I was a child learning to read. My kids need things that are animated, bright and make great sounds. The fact that VTech uses some of my kids' favorite characters means they are hooked before they've even begun. What I really love about the amazing animation, sounds, music and narration is that even my daughter, who is not quite 3 yet, is incredibly engaged and interested. Though the children are at two different levels of learning, they can both absolutely enjoy what the V.Reader has to offer.

There are two play options with the VTech V.Reader. Kids can listen and follow along with the story while it's read by animated characters or they can touch the screen and play reading games to learn their words and sentences. I have always said that, for my son, he learns better and faster when he isn't aware that he is learning. V.Reader does this for him by making reading a fun, interactive game full of animation and sounds that are much like his favorite cartoons. He's having so much fun, you'd think he was playing a video game instead of learning to read!

I love that parents can use features that include progress reports and reading certificates. Being able to track a child's progress makes this an even more amazing tool in teaching and, I think, it would be amazing for homeschoolers.

How can it possibly get any better?
Very soon, VTech will be launching the availability to download stories for your V.Reader! There will be over 100 eBooks to download and many stories will be FREE!

VTech has always been one of my favorite companies for children's toys and games. I'm a huge fan of their amazing products that have kept my children happy and have provided entertaining education. I love being able to see my kids learn while they are laughing from the fun of a VTech product. It's a wonderful thing. I always recommend VTech products to my friends and family, or anyone asking for a gift suggestion for a child. Like the other products in the VTech line, the V.Reader is affordable and entirely worth it. I have never been disappointed by VTech and the V.Reader is my new favorite in the long line of favorites from this amazing company.

Buy it!
The VTech V.Reader is available exclusively at Target.

Win it!
I am thrilled to say that one of my readers will win their own V.Reader from VTech!

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