When it comes to cooking, I'm a cook that loves a good shortcut, a short preptime and easily prepared cuisine. I never really thought that kitchen tools made a huge difference in meal preparation. I've been ignorantly content with my mediocre kitchen utensils. It wasn't until I tried a ceramic knife from Vicera that I realized how wrong I had been about what a good kitchen utensil can do for you.

Vicera means Beautiful Ceramics. For you and your kitchen it means ceramic cutlery that will exceed any expectations and make your time in the kitchen easier and more efficient.

The knives from Vicera are beautiful. The blades are all hand made made using only pure Japanese zirconia ceramic. Why is a ceramic knife better than a traditional knife? "Ceramic knives are harder than other kinds of knives and are therefore able to resist wear to a much greater extent. Independent testing has established that ViCeraâ„¢ ceramic knives retain their sharp cutting edge 300 times more than stainless steel knives."

Aside from the sharper edge and the retention of the sharpness, ceramic cutlery has chemical neutrality. That means there is nothing left on the food it comes in contact with. Ceramic knives are lighter than traditional steel knives and Vicera ceramic knives have a double beveled edge which means that both right and left handed people can easily use the blade. Vicera knives are easy to clean and I love that, because they contain no metal, they will never rust.

I browsed the Vicera site before receiving my Santoku knife. I read all the information and was thoroughly excited to try the product. Nothing could really prepare me for how amazing this knife truly is. The Santoku knife from Vicera is absolutely my most favorite item in my kitchen. I cook most meals from scratch and deal with a lot of cutting of vegetables, meats and breads. My Santoku knife cuts through them all like a scorching hot knife through butter. Every time I cut something new, I'm again amazed at the ease at which this ceramic knife slices. Whether I'm slicing tomatoes, sausage, watermelon or sandwiches, I get a clean slice every time with little to no effort. I really had no idea how much my cooking life would change with such an amazing knife.

Vicera has several other blade sizes and I hope to add them all to my kitchen utensils. There's no way I'll ever need other knives. Vicera has me covered and their genius design and phenomenal materials make me certain that this knife and any others I purchase from them will last far longer than any steel knife I would purchase. Vicera is absolutely my go-to for cutlery and I highly recommend them to anyone who spends any time in the kitchen. These ceramic knives are a must-have for all cooks.

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