My kids run everywhere. If they are moving towards something, they are more than likely running. They set their sights to get where they are going with constant disregard for puddles, sticks, rocks, end tables and anything else that may be in their path. When shoes come off they are haphazardly tossed aside, thrown into closets or baskets and shoved under beds or couches. My kids aren't abnormal. They are kids and kids are hard on their shoes.

Children's shoes should be built to last. Kids don't wear shoes for very long before they outgrow them. In that short time of wear, a good shoe will still be in tip-top shape once the little foot inside is ready for the next size.

At Umi, children's shoes are created and crafted with incredibly high standards. Only the highest quality materials are used to create the shoes at Umi. The shoes go through more than twenty quality control checks to make sure that they will pass the test of the busy kids who wear them.

The styles at Umi are eye catching and the perfect blend of trendy and classic. The rich, bold colors of the shoes make a statement while the classic designs keep the styles fresh and fun. Perfectly adorable detailing give each and every pair of shoes a unique touch that is totally Umi. Girl shoes from Umi range from ultra girly to fun and sporty. The boy shoes are all boy and the shoes offered at Umi are perfect for little dudes with big style.

I was thrilled to get a pair of these shoes into my hands. Umi sent us the Prairie style shoe. Yes, they look absolutely amazing on my daughter. The red is such a perfect shade and the detailing is impecable. Each stitch is perfect and the strap feels nice and durable. At two years old, my daughter is enjoying freedom of shoes that she can put on and fasten herself. That strap will get tugged on quite a lot and it's nice to know that it's made to take it. The sole of the shoe is thick and strong while the inner sole is extremely soft and comfortable. The sides and top of the shoe are nice and thick which I like for the added protection of my daughter's feet. I really love these shoes and would adore if more shoes in my daughter's closet had the Umi brand.

Umi shoes offer kids a fresh and stylish option in footwear. The creative minds behind the scenes at Umi are serious when it comes to making sure that children have shoes that are fun and comfortable enough for the kids while being something that parents can count on to last. Umi is also passionate about the earth that their shoes walk on. Only non-toxic materials go into making Umi shoes. Leathers are drum-dyed and tested for ultimate durability. Shoe packaging is made from recycled materials and all the manufacturing goes on in an environmentally sound area. Umi is absolutely a company that cares about kids, their products and being environmentally conscious.

I definitely recommend the shoes from Umi for kids of all ages. Their baby shoes are just as adorable as their big kid shoes and every pair is made from the same high quality products and with the same high standards.

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