Toy Quest is more than a toy store. It's definitley a shopping experience. The innovative website with all it's videos and eye catching advertising is fun to shop in and the toys are beyond fun for the kids. The amount of toys that Toy Quest has to offer is truly remarkable. From doll houses to water guns, action figures to ball pits and everything in between, Toy Quest has proven for over 30 years that they are serious when it comes to having silly fun!

Toy Quest doesn't limit it's toy selection to a single age group or interest demographic. The toy choices span all ages and both genders. The toys are innovative and definitely keep in mind that the most important thing is a child's desire to have fun.

The Toy Quest brands include the always fun and quite amazing Banzai line of backyard water slides. These are truly spectacular. My kids would be beside themselves to have something like the Banzai water slides in our backyard. They are invaluable for birthday parties and last long enough that you'll definitely make it through more than one summer with them.

The licensed brands of toys at Toy Quest include products like the currently popular Monsters v. Aliens action figures and the Blue Man Group Keyboard Experience. The latter is an excellent gift idea for an older child. You can change the tempo and volume with a wave of a hand, play with the 9 different instrument modes and have fun with original Blue Man Group songs. Exciting new licensed toys from Disney, Nick, Tony Hawk and Barbie are coming soon to add even more fun to the Toy Quest line of toys.

One of the really cool licensed brands available at Toy Quest are the NFL ProBots. If you have ever caught a Sunday game on Fox then you've seen the silly robot dancing in the corner of the screen. My kids love that robot and it seems perfect that Toy Quest has brought the NFL ProBot into homes and into the hands of kids. You can choose from over a dozen different players and each one comes in the uniform of the player's team. The action figure is moveable and poseable and has a magnetic grip that allows it to hold it's football. To add more fun, the head switches from the player to the robot. My son loves this toy and so does my husband. While this is a wonderful toy for a child, I personally think they are great gifts for men as well.

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Toy Quest toys have been featured on countless tv programs and magazine hot lists as THE toys to have and give. The NFL ProBots were named on the Hot Half-Dozen list in FunFare this year. Toy Quest toys can be found at places like Kohl's, Walmart, Target, KMart, Amazon and many other retailers worldwide. NFL ProBots are available at all Toys R Us stores for a wonderfully affordable $10.99. For more retail locations visit Toy Quest's online site.

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