On any night in the winter, let's be honest - on any night at all, you can find me curled up in a blanket while lounging on the couch. My husband has a running joke about how I've always got to have a blanket, no matter the outdoor temperature. One of my favorite things about winter time is the cozy feeling of curling up with a blanket while hanging out with the family. It is seriously annoying trying to keep a blanket on for all the snuggly goodness while you are reading, channel surfing, game playing, blogging and all the other stuff we do while lounging on the couch. Everyone knows the annoyance of getting all cozy with the blanket around your shoulders and then reaching for your drink only to have the blanket fall down. There is absolutely a solution. The Slanket!

One of my best friends got a Slanket last winter and I was uber jealous. We were discussing the Slanket and other similar products when she told me "Do not get anything other than the SLANKET. They are the best." She showed me how soft hers was and I've touch-tested every other one I've seen in stores. She was definitely right. Slankets are the best. They are the softest and most comfortable feeling sleeve blankets out there. Slanket sent me one of their amazing blankets and I'm so in love. I might like it so much that I crank the air down so that I'll need it.

The Slanket sprouted out of necessity in a cold dorm room and has become a sensation. Once you use a Slanket, you'll know why everyone loves them so much. I definitely love how soft the Slanket is and I like that it's plush but, not too thick. What I really love is how large the Slankets are. I'm very crazy particular about how I have my blanket when I'm sleeping at night. I like to have it up over my shoulders and be able to tuck it all around my feet and body. The Slanket is perfect for that and when I move around or grab the tv remote or a drink, the blanket doesn't fall off my shoulders. Love it!

There are so many different colors and fun patterns that you can get. Slanket also offers travel and child blankets and you've got to check out the Siamese Slanket built for two people! So fun! I definitely recommend Slanket to everyone and think they are a "Must Have" for your Holiday Shopping. These make perfect gifts for family, friends, neighbors, teachers and for that hard to shop for person on your list! Don't forget to get yourself one too!

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