Natural pain remedies are becoming increasingly popular. A natural pain remedy for an infant or child can be a welcome relief from medication. Natural relief from the pain associated with teething can be a wonderful thing and really ease a parent's mind while easing the baby's pain.

Natural amber is a centuries-old pain remedy. Remember in Jurassic Park when they showed the mosquito in the pretty yellow/orange colored rock? That's amber. It's fossilized resin from trees that date back as far as 50 million years. Throughout time, amber has been worn against the skin to reduce pain, promote fast healing and boost the body's immune system. When worn against the skin, the amber releases natural oils that have been scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on the human body.

For decades, European countries have used Baltic Amber necklaces for teething pain relief in babies. The benefits of these necklaces include stimulating the thyroid glands to help reduce drooling, soothe inflamed cheeks, a general calming effect and anti-fever functions.

Supermama Amber Teething pain relief necklaces are made of pure, natural Baltic Amber. Each bead is knotted individually for safety. The bead sizes are safe if ingestion occurs and cannot be choked on. The clasp is plastic and designed to break away with pressure. Supermama has taken every safety precaution in the production of these amazing necklaces. The necklaces come in two colors that are both very gender neutral.

Does it work? I truly believe that it does. Remember, this is a centuries old healing aid that has recently been scientifically proven to be effective. My personal experience tells me that these Baltic Amber necklaces from Supermama do indeed work. My daughter is 2. She's got all her teeth but, that doesn't mean she's past having pain. The day we got the Supermama amber necklace my daughter was fighting her first ear ache. I figured I'd put the necklace on her because, if nothing else, she likes jewelry. Literally within minutes my daughter's fussiness was gone. She seemed completely back to her old self. I was amazed. My husband, less of a skeptic on natural remedies than I, was not surprised at all. The benefits of amber are real and I'm a firm believer in the beneficial qualities of Baltic Amber and in the teething necklaces from Supermama.

These Amber teething necklaces from Supermama are definitely going to be one of my go-to baby shower gifts from now on and I've already recommended them to everyone I know who's lives are crazed by teething right now.

I'm happy to say that Supermama sent me an extra necklace and I am giving it to one of you!

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