I love soda. It's my weakness. My kids love it too, even though I hate to let them have it. I am aware of how unhealthy it is and know it's a terrible weakness to have.


Thanks to a wonderful product I tried recently, I don't have to feel so guilty about my soda indulgences!

SodaStream is a truly remarkable product. My two main concerns with drinking regular soda are the calories (and sugar content) and the price. SodaStream solves both of those problems while not taking away from the flavor and total enjoyment of having a soda.

The SodaStream products are home soda makers that give you the ability to make soda at home without the hassle of spending tons of money at the store and lugging all those cans and bottles home. The process is insanely easy too! Simply fill the reusable bottle with water, twist it on to the soda maker, carbonate to your liking by pressing one button and then add your flavoring. It is seriously easy. What I love is that you can carbonate as little or as much as you like. Use tap water or filtered water. And the flavors to choose from? They are unbelievable!

I was really blown away by the flavor choices. There are so many. All the classics are there and some that I hadn't even thought of. The taste? Amazing! Really, some taste just like their name brand counterparts and some are even better. I can't tell you how surprised I was by the taste of these drinks. With over 30 different flavors to choose from, you'll find a favorite for everyone in the family.

Everyone knows that regular sodas are loaded with sugar and calories. Name brand sodas like Pepsi, Coke and Sprite have 100 calories per serving. SodaStream sodas have less than half that! Only 34 calories per serving. A regular Coke or Pepsi has anywhere from 23-25 mg of caffeine per serving. SodaStream sodas have 15mg caffeine. And the sugar? Regular sodas have over 25 mg of sugar per serving. SodaStream has 9 mg of sugar per serving! Now you see why I don't feel so bad drinking these sodas or giving them to my kids?

The cost value is truly awesome. You'll get 12 liters of soda out of one syrup bottle from SodaStream. The syrup bottles range from $4.99 - $6.99. A 2-liter of soda is about $2 which means for the same amount of soda you would spend at least $12 at the grocery store (or more). And how much of that soda would go to waste because it gets flat before you drink it? One thing I noticed about the SodaStream system is that it stays carbonated longer than a regular soda. I love that.

There are several SodaStream systems to choose from. All are free of batteries and electrical cords. They run on a refillable CO2 cartridge. SodaStream products are earth friendly with the energy free system and the reusable bottles. There are just so many reasons to love SodaStream!

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