One lucky reader will win a Snoogie Seat from Daddy's Design!!!

When my daughter was an infant we had all the seating for babies. She spent time in her baby papason chair, boucy seat, bumbo and with a nursing pillow and blanket on the floor. I had problems with all of them. Putting her flat on the floor always seemed uncomfortable and the nursing pillow seemed really awkward on her neck. The bumbo was far too unsafe for her neck until she was much older. The chair and the seats were fine but a little high off the ground and way too unsturdy to set anywhere but the floor while I did housework.

I know I'm not the only mom that has had these issues. And leave it to a Dad to fix them! Two dads, actually. Enter the double daddy team of Daddy's Design.

"Unable to find a product that provided the total support they were looking for, the two dads sat down and sketched out design after design, literally on napkins! After a lot of trial and error, and several designs later, the Snoogie Seat was born."

The Snoogie Seat is a uniquely designed seat for newborns and infants. The seat is shaped like a cute little monkey and designed to give your baby premium head and neck support. It's lightweight, convenient and washable!

Daddy's Design sent me a Snoogie Seat to try out. Now, my youngest is almost 2 and, while she enjoyed it very very much, I knew I needed to test it on infants. So, I set out for a local daycare, Snoogie Seat in tow.

One of the coolest things about the Snoogie Seat is the portability. Unlike bouncy seats it is very light and unlike nursing pillows, the Snoogie Seat has a handle!! These were features that the caregivers noticed right away.

Brandi, mom to 6month old Aubrie and a caregiver at the daycare had this to say:
"I like that it's light and comfy for me to hold her. She falls asleep in her carseat a lot but this seems much more comfortable." "I like that it's something I could put her in while I do laundry and I like that I can wash all the drool off!"

Brenda, mom to 3 month old Nicholas and assistant director of the daycare thought:

"The bouncy seats are too high up. I like that he can lay on the floor and not touch it!"

The director, Veda, has been caring for babies for 29 years. She's used every baby seat out there. She says she's always been concerned about the safety of the babies necks in seats like. She really liked the Snoogie Seat and said "I like that it saves your arms while feeding. Mine always used to fall asleep."

I agree with the ladies. I like that, unlike all those other seats, my kids won't really outgrow this. Sure they've outgrown the perfectly conformed inner seat, but it's still really comfy and the bigger they get the more it's just a fun place to sit and read! I think the Snoogie Seat is amazing. And I think Daddy's Design is amazing. 10% of their net proceeds goes to Children's National Medical Center! How great are they!?!  I stand by the Snoogie Seat so much that I've decided to carry it in the Lollipops and Polka Dots boutique! The seats are now available in our Baby Gifts and Gear section of the store!

And, it gets better because the dads who make Snoogie Seat want to give a seat to one of my readers!!

Contest ends Saturday July 11th 2009 -Open to US only

To enter:
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