Going green is a growing sentiment these days. As moms, it's more than greening the future for our children. It's also about greening their now and giving them a healthier environment. I know I'm not the only mom out there to worry about the cleaning products that I use. Of course I have concern for their effects on the earth but, first and foremost, it's a concern of their effects on my household and my children.

Seventh Generation is a company that cares about our earth, our environment, our homes and our children. Their cleaning products, that range from baby wipes to all purpose cleaners and everything in between, are safe for every member of the family, the air and surfaces in your home and still manage to be incredibly effective.

The Seventh Generation products that I've used are absolutely amazing. I'll be perfectly honest. I was wary of how effective a cleaning product could be if it wasn't the chemicals that I've always used. How clean can it get? I'll tell you that after the first time I used cleaning products from Seventh Generation, I knew I'd never use anything else again. The Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner is a dream everywhere in my house. It cleans my kitchen counters as well as it cleans the tables in the kids' rooms and I know it's safe to use in both of those places, as well as high chairs, toys, doorknobs and anywhere else I need to clean. The entire Disinfecting line from Seventh Generation kills over 99.99% of household germs, specifically: Influenza A, H1N1, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli on hard, nonporous surfaces. While it's ridding your home of those germs, it's keeping your family and the environment safe and filling your home with the most pleasant non-chemical smell. The Lemongrass & Thyme scent is refreshing and just gives my home such a yummy, clean scent that actually lasts for hours. I adore these products and am looking forward to switching over  to all of the Seventh Generation cleaning products.

Yes, switching to Seventh Generation products, like their 100% recycled paper towels that I absolutely love or their Natural Powdered Laundry Detergent that I can't wait to try, is a huge step in the "green" direction. There are tons of other things that we can do in our own homes to continue taking those steps towards a greener planet and greener home. The Conscious Kitchen by Alexandra Zissu is an amazing book that can help you to create a greener kitchen and a greener lifestyle for you and your family. Alexandra's book shows us "what’s good for personal health, what’s good for the planet, and what tastes great." It's full of wonderful tips and Alexendra is an amazing source of knowledge when it comes to a greener home.

I was recently lucky enough to be able to ask Alexandra Zissu a few questions about being green around the home.

If there was one green thing that you wish everyone would do in their homes, what would it be?

Oh I have so many wishes! But the first step to doing anything green is thinking green. So I’d like everyone to sit down and really think about why and how to go green, and about how it would make the most sense for them to go about doing it. It’s a bit like a New Year’s resolution – you can’t do all at once or you won’t stick to it. And we really all need to be sticking to at least some level of green for our safety, our neighbor’s safety, and the health of our shared earth. Once you shift your mindset and decide you’re going to think green, you’re off and running – switching cleaning products and light bulbs, buying local food, filtering your tap water. Before you know it you’ll be bringing your compost in reusable organic cotton sacks to the nursery school vegetable patch you helped set up as a community awareness outreach effort! Ok maybe not instantly but you get the point.

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We all want to do our part, not only in making the earth a better place but, in ensuring that the environment our children and our loved ones are living in is the best possible place and the healthiest it can be. Seventh Generation products are definitely living up to their promise to make our earth a better place.

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