For the past few weeks, my feet have been happy.

I mean, sublimely happy.

We're talking "I'm walking on sunshine" kind of happy.

Until I take off my Sanuk shoes. Then my feet get a little sad.

I remember the first time I saw Sanuk shoes. My father-in-law, proving to be hipper than I, has been sporting them for years and I've been coveting them for as long. You can tell when someone's wearing Sanuk shoes. It's like they're in on a little secret that you may not be privy to and they've got a little twinkle in their eye. Think I'm joking? Try on a pair. They are easily the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. If you want laid back style you can wear with practically anything, Sanuk is the only place to look.

Sanuk means "Fun" in Thai and, after my interactions with this company, both professionally and on their Facebook page, I can tell you that they could not have chosen a better name for themselves. What started in 1997 as one man's inner tube-and-carpet innovative shoe design has turned into a company that makes you yearn to wear their shoes and dream of joining their ranks. If you are on Facebook, you must join the Sanuk fun. Not only will you get info on their shoes, be able to actually get any questions you have answered and get to interact with the fun peeps over at Sanuk but, you also get the daily spread of smiles that Sanuk is committed to bringing everyone. Their posts put a smile on my face Plus, they've got great contests going on all the time for their awesome swag! I also love seeing what other Sanuk wearers have to say about their beloved shoes and like knowing that my Sanuks will most likely out live all my other shoes.

"But, what about the shoes?", you say. Oh, I'll tell ya about these awesome shoes! Sanuk offers a heap ton of different styles for men, women and kids. No need to be a surfer to sport the coolest kicks around. About six months ago, I spied a pair of flip flops (one of my shoe obsessions) that were cooler than any I had ever seen. The socks attached to the flip flops had me mesmerized with their coolness and I knew they had to be mine. One quick google search later and I was transported into the world of Sanuk. My first pair of shoes from Sanuk were the grey and white striped TubeFlops. Oh yes, you heard me right. They are flip flops with toeless tube socks attached. Not only are the flops themselves the most comfortable I own but, the fabric that the socks are made out of is unbelievably comfortable. I love love love them!

Sanuk sent me a pair of their I'm Game zebra print Sidewalk Surfers. It's been really hard for me to wear any other shoes since I received these. I have literally changed clothing on some days just because my top didn't match my shoes. Yes, I have started matching my shirt to my shoes instead of the other way around. Of course, now my TubeFlops and Sidewalk Surfers are getting a bit lonely and need more Sanuk friends in the closet. Luckily, Sanuk makes so many other styles and the only hard part is deciding which pair to get next.

There is so much more to Sanuk than their amazingly cute shoes. I urge you to take a look around their site, their Facebook page and their blog and get to know the fun little family that makes up the company. Read up on Sanuk's RASTA Project and find out about their mission to produce footwear that is absolutely impact free, being made from recycled tires, jute, hemp, natural latex, cork and recycles plastic bottles. The RASTA Project shoes are super stylish and make your heart feel good while making your feet feel good.

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