I'll admit it, I'm what you might call a "shoe-aholic". The thing is, I don't go crazy buying shoes that are going to make my feet suffer all day. Give me comfort and give me style. I like a laid back style and stuff that is casual and comfortable. Luckily, there's a shoe company that seems as though they've made their shoes just for me.

Sandals...they've made their sandals just for me...."They aren't shoes, they're sandals"....whichever they are, they're Sanuk. And I've got a major crush on them all.

Whether you're in need of some kickin' slip-ons, super hot flip flops, or smokin' boots, Sanuk is definitely the place that will make you and your feet smile. The first time I saw a pair of Sanuks, I got that little "must have them" gleam in my eyes. The first time I put on a pair, that gleam became a desire to own them all! Sanuk just makes my feet happy. I have three pair of their women's Sidewalk Surfers and a pair of their bowl-you-over-with-awesomeness tubeflops and I love each pair more than the last.

It's truly amazing to put on a pair of sandals that are so comfortable, you don't even feel like you are wearing shoes. Truly though, it's even more comfortable than being barefoot.

My husband heard me gush and rave about Sanuk for months on end as I happy danced my way through life thanks to the marshmallow clouds my feet were walking on. I don't think he truly understood until he got his first pair of men's surf shoes from Sanuk. When he tried on the Men's Pick Pocket in Denim, I instantly knew he was right there with me as a Sanuk lover for life. He rarely wears other shoes now, unless it's to wear the Sanuk beach sandals I got him shortly after the Pick Pockets arrived. My only question is, why did we wait so long to become Sanuk owners?

The newest addition to my Sanuk collection was the Scribble. Oh-em-geeeeee, they make me giddy. I love the whimsical tattoo design sprawled across the top and the perfect splash of embroidered color on these shoes that go with almost everything in my wardrobe. They are just as comfortable and just as cute as my other pairs, though they easily became my new favorite pair.

Sanuk sandals are more than good for your feet. They are crazy good for the environment too! Many feature an antimicrobial footbed that makes me happy since I rarely like wearing shoes without socks. Sanuk sandals breathe and wearing them without socks is comfortable and there are no blisters or rubbing. Sanuk sandals are vegan and vegetarian and eco-friendly. You, your feet, your need for style and your planet can all coexist in one sublimely happy pair of sandals. Sanuk needs a Nobel Peace Prize.

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