It's hard to always find something creative and healthy to make for dinner. I cook most all of our meals from scratch. While I have tons of recipes, I also have very picky children. Sometimes I feel like we are eating the same menu week after week. It's definitely a money-saving plan to sit down and make out a menu for the entire week before making your grocery list. This has worked for me for quite a while. Though, this can be plenty time-consuming. I recently tried a website called Relish! that is full of yummy and healthy recipes, sorts your menu for you and tabulates your grocery list quickly and easily. It takes so much work out of planning your weekly meals.

At Relish! you'll find weekly recipes, fun things like tailgate party menus, lunch menus and more. A peek into the This and That category shows appetizers, desserts, menus for Dinner and a Movie with corresponding family friendly movies, dinner party menus, potluck ideas and holiday menus. I love the idea for the Dinner and a Movie menus. How about this for family movie night?

The Incredibles Movie Menu:

Mr. Incredible Meatball Hero
Elasti-Grilled Vegetables
Frozone Fruit Smoothies

Sounds like it would be a big hit with the kids and the parents!

Are you a Twilight Fan? Then you'll want to serve this while watching:

Drac Attack Pomegranate IZZE / Vampire Kiss Martini
Garden Burger
Forks Famous French Fries
Garlicky Spinach Salad
Berry “Bella” Cobbler

There are so many fun family movies listed and the ideas can get your creative juices flowing for other movies you may like.

Getting down to business, once you are a subscriber, you'll first want to click into the Weekly Menu category. Here you'll find a list of easy and healthy recipes to choose from. There are recipes in the Dime and Dash section that are quick to prepare and inexpensive. The legend characters beside the menus help you know which are Kid-Friendly, Quick, Crockpot, Vegetarian, Lower Calorie, Morning Prep, One Pot or Simple Gourmet. You pick 5 recipes and one dessert and click create menu. You can adjust your serving size to fit your family and see that it not only makes your shopping list but, it separates it out into the simplest of categories. Relish! gives you a list of items that you may already have in your cupboard and then separates out the other ingredients into their categories like meat, dairy, etc. Under your list you'll find all the recipes. You can print out the PDF form of the page and you are ready to hit the grocery store!

When you are a member of Relish! you'll also get email updates with wonderful tips. This week's suggestions on freezing food were wonderful.

I love this program. I like finding new recipes and I like the dinner party and holiday menu suggestions. There are so many different recipes at Relish! that I have been able to try out a few new ones and know that my menus won't be getting stale anytime soon. If you are gearing up for the holiday season and want to try out a few new things or simplify your shopping, I really recommend the Relish! meal planning program.

Relish! would like to give one of my reader's a free one-year subscription to their services! You'll be saving the $7 a month membership fee and get all the savings from their menu and shopping list making program. That adds up to major savings over the year!

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