I've done several reviews and giveaways for Pillow Pets. For me, they are one of the ultimate gifts you can get someone. Not just for children; these cuddly pillows are for everyone. My husband, my kids and I all enjoy their softness and cuteness. When it comes to affordability in an amazing gift, it doesn't get much better than Pillow Pets.

What's even more exciting is that Pillow Pets has expanded it's line of products surrounding the original pets. You can now get Pillow Pets Plush Backpacks, Plush Blankets, adorable Pillow Pets Hats, perfect Neck Pillows, absolutely too cute Slippers and Pillow Pet Books that bring the sweet pets to life for their adoring fans.

Every product offered by Pillow Pets is just as phenomenal as the original pillows. I love how the pillows, blankets, backpacks, neck pillows and even the hats become a child's favorite toy and serve much more than their primary function. My daughter loves turning all of our pillows into pets and playing with them but, when it's time for bed, we all reach for one to use as a pillow. They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable pillows in our house.

There are so many different pets to choose from too! Whether you are getting a pillow, a backpack, a pair of slippers or any of the other great items, you'll have a hard time deciding which adorable pet to choose. With the expanding line, it's easy to get an entire package of one pet to really make a child beam with joy. They are all perfectly complimentary to each other. Though I love our Pillow Pets, I'm secretly wishing for a Pillow Pet Blanket for myself for Christmas. Of course, I may share it with the kids. Or, I may just have to get one for all of us!

Last holiday season, the Pillow Pets craze hit hard and fast. This year, Pillow Pets is ready for their sky-rocketing popularity and has all the new products to offer customers. There are also some other really exciting things going on at Pillow Pets this year and I've got an insider secret to share with all of you! By Thanksgiving this year, My Pillow Pets will be launching a brand new interactive website for kids. I absolutely cannot wait for this. My kids, especially my son, are getting more and more into playing on the computer and to have something like this with characters that they play with and sleep with every day is going to be so much fun for them. The new site will contain interactive games, fun learning facts and a whole new online experience for the Pillow Pets fans. Stay tuned to Lolidots and I'll let you know when the site is live! For now, your kids can meet the cartoon characters on the Pillow Pets Blog.

The newest Pillow Pet to join our family is the Magical Unicorn. Just as soft and sweet as the others, I adore the Princess/Fairytale like aspect of this unicorn. I plan on getting one of our nieces a Magical Unicorn Pillow Pet for Christmas this year. She's 13 and recently saw our other pets while visiting us. She mentioned that a Pillow Pet would be wonderful for her bus rides when she travels with the school band or cheerleaders. Considering that her school colors are purple and gold, I figure the Magical Unicorn Pillow Pet will be perfect for her. See, they aren't just for small kids!

A Pillow Pet would make a great gift for anyone and the other items would as well. I love the idea of giving a Pillow Pet neck pillow as a gift to anyone who does any traveling and the cute blankets would be great teacher gifts this holiday season.

Whoever you're shopping for, you'll find them a great gift at My Pillow Pets and that's why they are absolutely a part of the 2010 Lolidots Holiday Gift Guide.

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