4 Lucky Readers Will Each Win PakNaks!!

What is a PakNak? It's a cute and funny name for some cute and funny decorations! PakNaks are mom-invented, soft and rubbery 3D decorations for kids that stick to just about anything.

PakNaks are removeable and reusable which means you can take them off and decorate something else or replace the PakNaks to fit whatever mood you are in. I thought they were fantastic for backpacks and lunchboxes and other kid school supplies. Then I started looking around on the PakNak site and realized just how many ways you could use them.

How cute on a headband?

And a lamp! I'd never have thought of this.

The list of styles is almost as long as the list of ways to use them. There are tons of different shapes, animals and different odds and ends to choose from. I love how colorful all of them are. To make them even cuter (as if you could!) each PakNak comes with it's own little personality. The cards the PakNaks come on let you know who they are, where they are from and some of their favorites. I think this is ingenious. Kids these days are still very into collecting and trading just like when I was young. I can imagine how easily a group of kids could get hooked on these cute decorations and collecting them all! I also love the game that kids can play on their website. These things are just fun all the way around.

PakNak sent us Mona and Martin. Aren't they cute!? These seem very durable and I'm not worried of them falling off what we stick them on.

You know how much I love companies that make cute things and do GOOD things! PakNak is another one of those places. In 2008 they donated 10% of online sales to a nonprofit in Portland called Schoolhouse Supplies. They are a great organization that distributes free school supplies to students and teachers. I love it. Every child deserves to be well equipped for their education and our teachers need all the help they can get.

PakNak is giving away some of these awesome goodies to several of my readers!!

4 Winners will win 3 PakNaks each!
US and Canada only

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