We try our hardest to feed our children and ourselves the best and most healthy food. We realized one day that we weren't showing our pets the same care. We are now taking great strides to really make sure that we are feeding our dogs healthier food. However, I was at a bit of a loss though when shopping for healthy dog food. Then, luckily, I was introduced to Nutrisca.

Nutrisca dog food is grain free, potato free dry dog food. Potato and tapioca are both high on the glycemic index and can be factors in doggy weight gain. Nutrisca is free of those things and uses low glycemic chickpeas and peas instead. When it comes to healthy dog food, Nutrisca is truly amazing.

Nutrisca contains:

No Gluten
No Soy
No Corn
No Wheat
No Flour
No Added Steroids
No Ethoxyquin
No Added Hormones
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Preservatives

So, what's in it? Goodness. Healthy and yummy goodness that your dogs will love.

The ingredients in Nutrisca dog food are real food. Chicken, lamb, peas, fish meal, flaxseed, veggies and fruits and all sorts of other things that are actually good for your dog.

Will your dog like it? Well, I can tell you that my dogs love it. My very picky eaters, despite the nasty things I have seen them eat occasionally, absolutely scarf their Nutrisca food. Of course I love seeing my dogs enjoy their food and knowing they aren't wasting any of it but, I also love knowing that what they are eating is actually good for them. And the price? Not bad. Only slightly more expensive than the store brands I had been buying and the peace of mind that I'm doing something good for my pets is totally worth it.

I highly recommend Nutrisca for any dog owner. There is so much good in this food that you just can't go wrong with it!

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You can get Nutrisca dry food, canned food and treats from the Dogswell online shopping site HERE.

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