Have you ever had to clean up a bunch of toddler snacks? Ever had to vaccum a car you just cleaned out because there are hundreds of cheerios freshly spilled on the ground? Ever had to pull out the vaccum cleaner for the umpteenth time in one day because, yet again, there are cookie crumbs all over the floor?

Then, you definitely need a Munchie Mug!

I love these mugs! Normally, when I hear "spill-resistant" as a description of something having to do with children, I chuckle to myself and think "ha, they haven't met my daughter!" So, I definitely went into this review being a tad skeptical, as I always am.

Boy, was I surprised to see how very wrong I was. The first thing I thought when I opened the box containing the Munchie Mug was, "oh how cute". I love the cute little underwater scene on the mug and so does my daughter. Next, I was blown away by it's size. The 16 oz. jar easily holds plenty of snacks and the lid is large enough for even my husband to stick his hand into. I was also very impressed with the fact that the mug comes with another lid that doesn't have an opening, ensuring leftover snacks stay fresh. I love that.

The cloth opening of the Munchie Mug snack container stays closed until a little hand pushes through it to grab a snack. Unlike other snack cups we've used, there's no plastic at the opening to scratch children's hands. It's easy to push the hand through and easy to pull it back out. The stretchy cloth really gives way but, always goes right back to closed. What amazed me is that the cloth is soft and stretchy but, turn the mug upside down and you'll see how very sturdy the cloth is. Nothing spills out! I can vouch for the strength after seeing my daughter fill her Munchie Mug with toys and toss it around the living room. Not a toy spilt!

The great gets better because all the Munchie Mug parts are totally dishwasher safe, made from recycled polypropylene and other safe products that are approved for direct food contact. It's also 100% made in the USA.

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Head over to Munchie Mug and get one for every kid you know! I think these are really great for birthday gifts or gifts for the new parents. Definitely something every parent will use!

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