I usually only go grocery shopping once a week. I plan my menu and get everything at once. Sometimes, that means that any fresh veggies I'm planning to use, sit in my fridge for a week or more. There are plenty of times that I have to go get new zuchinni, peppers or other veggies I've had in the fridge because I've let them sit in the bin for a few days too long and they are wrinkly and getting close to being unusable.

And then there's the smell. The refrigerator smell, to be exact. We've all got it, at least at one point or another. Leftovers sit too long, that forgotten tomato reminds you it's in there and all the other smells that thrive in the closed in fridge. Sure, we've all used the box of baking soda to get rid of the smells but, what if there was something better?

I recently received a product that I'm super excited about. The MiniMate is a device that uses activated oxygen to improve food safety, make your produce last longer, and save you money  (the average family throws out overs $400 per year in spoiled fruits and vegetables). The MiniMate is specially designed to work with your refrigerator, upgrading its capabilities and fighting off the germs that can infect your food.

When I first got the MiniMate, I turned it on, put it in the back of the fridge and just forgot about it. I definitely noticed a fresher smell when I opened my fridge the next morning but, it wasn't until recently that I realized what it was really doing for me. When I went to clean out my vegetable bin, knowing I'd had some items in there for a couple of weeks and expecting them to be nice and rotten, I pulled them out to find that the peppers looked like I had just bought them and the zuchinni and squash were just fine. I was pretty confused at first and then I looked up and saw the MiniMate sitting at the back of the top shelf. Really, even fruit that is in tupperware seems to last longer now that I have my MiniMate. And, the absence of smells from leftovers is fantastic.

Just look at these raspberries...

If you keep any fresh vegetables or fruit in your fridge, I highly recommend the MiniMate. I'll admit that I was skeptical at first and thought, "Well, I can use baking soda for smells." but, the MiniMate does so much more than freshen the smell and has already proven to be saving me money by saving my veggies. I don't worry about buying too many fresh things to eat in one week anymore because I know that they'll last longer than they used to. It's nice to know I'm saving some money. By the time you add up the amount of food you throw out in one month, the MiniMate pays for itself in savings!

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