One reader will win a Mary Kay Compact Full of Makeup!

When I was on the dance team in high school 15 years ago not too long ago, we all wore Mary Kay makeup for performances. The memories of bright blue eyeshadow and majorly red lipstick in a bubblegum pink compact still haunt my dreams. So, it's easy to see why I haven't given much thought to Mary Kay in the last decade. When a friend of mine suggested checking it out I will admit that I was absolutely shocked. If you aren't up to date on this company, allow me to introduce you to the NEW Mary Kay.

These days Mary Kay is sleek and shiny. It's trendy and classic. It's alluring eyes, luscious lips, romantic cheeks and over all beautiful. Honestly, I was amazed to see how chic the website and all the products are. Luckily, my friend Carla takes time from her busy 3-boys-raising life to make sure everyone she knows is stocked up on all this great stuff. I tried out quite a few of Mary Kay's products and I was thoroughly impressed with them all.

The TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set was one of the first things I tried. As a person who rarely takes the time to care for my face properly, I was happy to see there are only two steps involved. The first step is the exfoliator and it cleaned and smoothed my face without leaving it feeling sore or roughed up. The second step is the replenish lotion. The lotion is full of nourishing vitamins and anti-irritants. My face felt soft and smooth. I saw an immediate change in the overall tone of my skin. After using it for one week I could definitely see a change in the tone and even saw some fading of old acne red marks.  Definitely two thumbs up and a stamp of approval for the microdermabrasion set.

A couple of days after I got my samples I spent a few hours scrubbing the bathroom floors. I did not, however, remember to put gloves on. My hands were so torn up from the chemicals that I could barely touch the laundry that evening. I grabbed the Satin Hands Set that Carla had sent and gave it a try. The scrub took all the dead skin off and the lotion left my fingers and palms soft and completely moisturized. I really thought it wouldn't last but, all it took was the one application and my hands were completely fixed! Until December 15th you can get a limited-edition travel-size Satin Hands Set free with any purchase of $40 or more.

The best thing I tried was the Blemish Control Toner. My skin hasn't really always been something that I've had to worry about. Since having two kids my hormones are completely insane and these days I'm fighting acne like a tween girl. I've tried everything. I've even paid for certain name brand systems that certain blonde singers promote. For the record, that certain system that will remain nameless (rhymes with Schmoactive) was the biggest waste of money ever. When I tried the Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner I immediately felt like it was working. I've never used an acne product that made me think that as soon as I put it on. The next morning I could see an improvement already. I ordered more. I also ordered the acne treatment gel. I've been using them as a combo for 4 days and I can't imagine changing to any other acne product. My face is clearer, smoother and, after four days, almost completely acne free. Best of all, unlike other products I've used, my skin isn't overly dry and peeling. I highly recommend the acne products from Mary Kay for anyone who fights this battle at all.

The makeup from Mary Kay has been revamped since my high school days as well. The eyeshadows are mineral based, long lasting and come in some wonderfully chic and stylish colors. The Nourishine Lip Gloss gives maximum comfort and maximum shine and comes in 12 beautiful shades. The Mary Kay Compact is a sleek compact that holds your eyeshadow, blush, applicator brushes and lipstick. How is it different? The refill system is magnetic. Very cool.

That awesome gal that sent me all this cool stuff would like to hook up one of my readers with a Compact filled with customized makeup!! That's over $65 worth of goodies! Carla will work with the winner using her personalized Mary Kay virtual stylist to find the perfect shades for them. This is a great contest with a fabulous prize. Increase your chances by completing the extra entries!

Contest is open to US only and will end on October 14th.

Need some Mary Kay right now? Be sure to use one of the links in this post to order from Carla and get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US. She is an excellent consultant and can answer any questions you may have.

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