As school children we learn of Martin Luther King Jr. and his famous speech. We learn about the injustice done on people because of the color of their skin. We learn of the strength and courage of people who sought to right this wrong. We learn of the unbelievable odds that were stacked against these people and how they fought to overcome them. Despite years of learning these things, years of hearing the speech, years of talking about these momentous times...I still get chills when I hear King's famous speech. I still get overwhelmed with emotion when I see the images of these amazing people and the fight they refused to give up on. I'm still proud to live in a country where freedom is the number one right and the number one thing worth fighting for.

I believe we aren't truly there yet. We've come lightyears from where we were when Mr. King delivered his speech but, equality still eludes some. How can we get to that point of true equality? One thing that comes to mind...our children. They are the future. What they are taught now will shape our future.

Scholastic Storybook Treasures has released a new dvd that, I believe, is a wonderful tool in teaching our children about Martin Luther King Jr., his fight and the stories of some other true heroes in the fight for equality. March On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World is a compilation of education and entertainment that includes more than an hour of storytelling from award winning authors.

The lead story in this amazing set is written by Christine King Ferris, sister of Dr. King. The story is a true account of the day that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech and is complete with crowd noises and clips from that amazing day. Other stories on the dvd are adapted from award winning books and based on real-life events in African American history. This dvd is a wonderful way to start a real dialogue with children about a very important time in our history. Not just African American history but, our country's history. Exposing our children to stories like these and giving them the education is our responsibility as parents raising the future of our world.

I'm a big fan of Scholastic and all their Storybook Classic DVDs. The "March On!" DVD set is a happy addition to our growing collection from Scholastic. I recommend this DVD for everyone. No matter the age of your children, this dvd is a wonderful teaching tool and conversation starter.

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