I'm so happy to have this special "man edition" review and giveaway. Because I can't say it any better than my husband, here, in his own words is what he has to say about ManGroomer.

I am a pretty hairy man. I have spent many hours in the bathroom in the name of “man-scaping”,
with my special set of barber style hair clippers. It is a very time-consuming act, and very difficult to
accomplish on one’s own. After being married a few years, I’d begun calling my wife into the room to
help with the hard to reach sections of my back. With a very un-enthused look, she’d help, but I really
could tell she’d rather be doing almost anything else than shaving some guy’s hairy back & neck.

Then one day, I received a package in the mail (orchestrated by my personal back-hair stylist {wife}).
Inside the box were three products from a company aptly named ‘Man-Groomer.’ The first one that
caught my attention was the Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver. Never in my wildest dreams did
I imagine that a product like this would come to my rescue. I am a DIY kind of guy and really didn’t like
asking for the help in general, and especially for something as personal as back-shaving. (I’d rather she not even know that my back is hairy at all). So when I saw this shaver, I had high hopes. When I finally used the thing, I was amazed. Not only does it have a unique, telescoping design, but it shaves better when you are pushing it away rather than pulling it towards your grip; and not a chance of a blood-letting. What this means is that it is very easy to shave away that unwanted back hair without a great deal of difficulty, or fear of cutting yourself. This product is very easy to use, very effective, and should satisfy any Man-grooming men out there.

Once you have your back cleaned up and looking neat, you will probably realize that your back isn’t
really the only place on your body with unwanted hair growth, or hair growth that’s gotten a bit out of
control. Enter the ‘Private Body Shaver.’ This product is equally fascinating as it does a fantastic job
anywhere on your body (and I mean anywhere) without risk of nicking yourself in some very sensitive
areas. Removing the fear of cutting, and gaining such an efficient tool for this task has saved me so
much time. This method is so much better than razor shaving as it doesn’t leave your skin in that
sensitive to soaps stage, no razor burn, and with this method, the chance for ingrown hairs is reduced
significantly over razor shaving. And that’s not all! These 2 products are rechargeable, and have
removable power cords ! No chords means not getting all tangled up with them while doing your work
– very nice perk!

Finally: the ‘Essential Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer'. Now, I already had one of these from some other well known company, which I was satisfied with. But due to the greatness of the previous 2 products, I was anxious to try this one out too. Once I did, the previously owned model went straight into the junk-
box. This thing was amazing. I never realized that my old model was so inefficient. Sure it made a lot of
trimming sounds when I used it, but it never really got the entire job done leaving me & my tweezers to
finish the job; ouch!

With the combination of these three fantastic products from man-groomer, my time and safety have
been spared, and I no longer dread ‘grooming day! I would recommend these to anyone!

As you can see, ManGroomer has been a huge hit in our house. If you need a gift for your hubby or a man in your life, my husband and I both highly recommend the products from ManGroomer! They are easily a top choice in the 2010 Lolidots Holiday Gift Guide!

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