My daughter is potty training. It's definitely going better than it did in the beginning days of trying to potty train my son but, no potty training is a cake walk. There are so many decisions we make as parents trying to potty train our kids. Will we use pull-ups or underwear? Will we give stickers or candy? Will we have the patience to make it through?! A big choice is deciding whether or not to use the regular toilet. A lot of parents opt for the small toilets because it's just easier for a child if they don't have to climb up and perch on the larger toilet. But, the small potties come with their share of inconveniences. We opted for a step stool by the regular toilet. That also came with inconveniences. My daughter almost fell off of it on several occasions because she stepped too close to the edge and almost flipped the stool. Every time one of us non-toddlers needed to use the bathroom, the stool had to be moved aside but, then moved back for my daughter. That stool was always in the way. Then we got our Little Looster.

The Little Looster is a stool that goes in front of the toilet but, it's like no stool I've ever seen. The design of the Little Looster allows it to wrap around the front of the base of the toilet and fit snugly against it. This means that no matter which area my daughter steps on, she's not going to flip the stool. It also means that adults can use the toilet without having to move it out of the way. I love that my daughter can feel more independant when using the toilet and I don't have to worry about her safety on the stool. I adore that, as an extension of the toilet, I don't have to move the stool out of the way when I use the toilet. Here is the Little Looster at home in our bathroom.

The Little Looster is one of those amazing mom-made products. To me, no one knows better what a mom wants and needs than another mom who has gone through the same frustrating parenting experiences. After potty training three kids, Monica Mylet, designed the Little Looster. From conception to manufacturing, these amazing stools are made in Oregon which means you can also feel good about supporting a Made in America, mom-owned business.

My daughter is still a little bit short for her legs to reach the Litte Looster but, as she grows, this amazing stool will give her an even larger feeling of independance when using the toilet. It's already been a massive help in her potty training journey and I know that the sturdy design and perfect purpose will mean that the Little Looster is a fixture in our bathroom for years to come. I absolutely recommend the Little Looster over any other potty training tool. It is my number one must-have for potty training.

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