"I am brave."

"I am strong."

"I am kind."

"I use manners."

"I'm nice to my sister."

These are some of the positive affirmations that we use with TRex. We started these with him not too long ago and it's absolutely amazing how quickly they become a normal part of life. It's also amazing to hear him saying them without us and see his behaviors change because of them.

Positive affirmations are phrases you repeat to yourself to help foster a good attitude and keep a positive mindset about yourself and your achievements. Many people, me included, believe that positive affirmations can change your attitude in such a way that you will be happier and more successful in all that you do.

I was lucky enough to find a company recently called Keeping it Positive. All of the products have positive affirmations all over them. How wonderful to drink your morning cup of coffee in cup that tells you to Believe in Yourself and Dream BIG. Repeat the affirmations to yourself while enjoying your cup of joe and you'll see that your day starts brighter and happier.

The wonderfully sweet and positive mind behind Keeping it Positive, Debbie, sent me one of their pillowcases. I love being able to say my affirmations every night before I go to bed and then have a cute and comfy pillowcase to sleep on.

Debbie says it best on her site. "The subconscious mind believes whatever you tell it, so by repeating Positive Affirmations daily, you are conditioning your sub-conscious mind to believe these positive thoughts. This powerful Positive Thinking that occurs can truly start to transform your life, by affecting your habits, behavior, mental attitude and reactions, and even reshape your external life."

There are pillowcases, coffee cups and plenty of other wonderful little gifts to make you smile at Keeping it Positive. I think all the items would make perfect presents for anyone, even something to spoil yourself! I know everyone is always looking for unique gifts for birthdays and holidays. Take a look at Keeping it Positive and brighten someone's day without emptying your wallet! Yes, the items are affordable on top of everything else.

Debbie is giving one of my readers their choice of any color pillowcase from the Pleasant Dreamz collection!

Contest is open to US only and will end on September 28th.

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