I remember getting an email forward years ago that talked about the disgusting stuff on the bottom of a woman's purse. I cringed as I read it. Unlike all the other forwards I get day in and day out, that one always stuck with me. Like most women, I've put my purse on countless floors. I had never given it a second thought until I got that email. After that, every time I ate out, my purse got it's own chair or hung on the back of mine. Sure, I felt that perhaps the bottom was cleaner but, am always a little paranoid hanging my purse on the back of my chair.

There is a solution. Purse hangers are designed to hang on the edge of a table while your purse hangs from the hook. They are a genius invention and the best I've seen come from Joey Junior.

I actually bought a purse hanger about a year ago. It's sharp and always snags on things in my purse. I love it's function but, hate it's form. The Joey Junior purse hangers are something I love all the way around. Not only are the hooks on the Joey Junior purse hangers not sharp but, the entire thing folds down into a convenient flat size that easily slides into the smallest pockets in your purse. Aside from the convenience, Joey Junior purse hangers are gorgeous. They come in several different colors and boast an elegant faceted crystal decoration in the center of each hanger.

Joey Junior Purse Hangers are perfect gifts for every single woman you know. They hold up to 17 lbs but, weigh less than 2 ounces. Each hanger has a non-slip pad that helps keep it in place on your table. I've also used the Joey Junior in public restrooms that didn't have door hooks. Worked like a charm!

The nastiness on the bottom of our purses is something every woman should be aware of. You can click HERE to see an ABC story about the dangers of the germs we pick up with our purses. The Joey Junior helps to stylishly solve the problem of germy purses while keeping your purse in plain sight and not hanging on the back of your chair.

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