I'm generally most comfortable wearing jeans and pants that are incredibly low rise. As I've gotten older, my shirts have gotten longer but, bending over a zillion times per day to tend to small children or pick things up usually means that unless I'm wearing a shirt that goes past my bottom, I'm going to look like the guy who comes to fix your toilet. I've also found myself getting rid of shirts that I really love because they just aren't long enough for my tastes anymore.

Now, not only do I avoid looking like a plumber, I don't have to get rid of my short tees anymore! Thanks to hip-T, my rear cleavage is covered, my shirts are longer and I get the cute look of layered tops without having to actually wear two shirts.

hip-T is a tube type piece of ultra comfy and super stretchy fabric that is worn at the hips, under your shirt and over your bottoms. The thin fabric is comfortable and fits smoothly over your shorts, skirts and pants while hiding "muffin tops", covering your exposure from bending over or sitting down and creating the look of layers. I also think it helps with a more flattering lower tummy. hip-T comes in tons of different colors, patterns and styles. The Originals with lace trim are fantastic for casual or more dressy looks. The Sassy Prints come in so many funky patterns to really jazz up any shirt. I'm not a "matchy matchy" person so, the Sassy Prints are absolutely my faves. Mixing patterns of hip-T with shirt patterns creates a fun new look that will get you noticed. Want something totally versatile? Try The Basics hip-T styles for something that can go with so many things in your wardrobe. What I love about hip-T is that getting a black and a brown will totally cover you on so many items in your closet and give you a ton of new looks without having to buy a ton of new shirts.

hip-T sent me the Zebra Sassy Print and I absolutely love it. They are so easy to put on and, all of a sudden, shirts I was about to get rid of for being too short, are now back in my regular rotation because of my hip-T. I love that you can wear the hip-T with a loose shirt or more form fitting shirt and it still looks great. I love that I can sit down or bend over without exposing my butt crack to the world and I love that I can still wear those jeans that might be getting a teensy bit tight because the hip-T covers any annoying chubby spill over at the top of the jeans. I'm definitely a fan of the hip-T and will be getting more of them. The two-pack special is such a deal, I'll  be stocking up! I would also think that these would be great for maternity wear as well.

hip-T has another item that I am absolutely enamored with. The Hoola Scarf is, without a doubt, my most favorite scarf I've ever had. The scarf is slightly sheer, ultra soft and so cozy that you'll wish you had an entire outfit made out of this fabric. It's a loop like a long necklace that can be worn as a cute accessory just handing around your neck, looped twice for a more scarf like feel or looped three times for the ultimate adorable scarf. I got my Hoola weeks ago and have been crossing my fingers for the cold weather to hurry up and get here so that I can wear it. With such an affordable price tag and such a stylish look, I definitely recommend the Hoola Scarf for all women and girls and give them my absolute "must have" stamp for the holiday season. These would make perfect gifts for sisters, moms, aunts, friends and any other woman on your shopping list.

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