Sometimes things go bump in the night

things that scatter when you turn on the light
Catching those spooks is hard to do
but I know a place that's done if for you
Ametista is the shop for you to see
if you love to see fright turn into glee
For in this shop you'll find something fun
MoNsTeR bOx hunters who catch them for everyone
These boxes and bottles are rather unique
Our Jack box is amazing, take a peek...

He spooks us by day and lights up at night
though he's so charming and fun, he's hardly a fright
For trinkets and treasures or just for looks
you'll find Ametista has a box or bottle for all your nooks
One of my favorite shops around
Ametista is giving one of you a MoNsTeR bOx they found
lurking around the jungle all alone
scared and ready for you to take it home
Visit their shop and I know you'll see
how they put their spell on me!

Craft Junkie
One of my favorite kinds of decor is wooden cut out letters. I love all the different fonts and the incredibly imaginative ideas for the wooden letters I found at Craft Junkie 28 on Etsy. Whether you want decor for a certain holiday or something cute for the mantle all year round, you'll find the perfect item in this shop. I love the pumpkin they sent us and it looks so cute sitting on a shelf in the living room. I also really like the cute little turkeys and pilgrims and the Fall letters would be wonderful with some leaves and gourds around it. The custom wall letters for a child's room are adorable and incredibly affordable. I love that you can customize them with different fonts and colors. The glittery wooden Princess word is definitely my fave but, I'd love to have the distressed Family for my living room. I think the craftsmanship of the pumpkin we got is exquisite and I definitely recommend this shop for it's designs, creativity and affordability. Craft Junkie 28 would like to give one of my readers their Boo letters!

I recently found this cute little shop on Etsy called Daffodilies. First, the name is just adorable. So are the clothes. Daffodillies sent us several outfits for Snappy and I was thoroughly impressed with each and every one of them. The tie dyed brown and denim top and skirt are unbelievably cute.

This fall outfit is so wonderful and I really think it will be her Thanksgiving outfit.

One of the things I love about Daffodillies are the incredibly unique hair accessories. The clips are made from scraps of the same fabric in the outfit that are frayed to be super trendy and embellished with things like tulle, flowers, buttons and rhinestones.

Love them all! There are tons of cute and unique clothes to pick from at Daffodillies. The tie-dyed shirts and onesies are so great. The embellishments on them are very high quality and the sizing of the skirts is perfect. Another thing that they sent was one of the women's skirts. It's absolutely adorable that Snappy and I have matching skirts. The skirt is comfortable and fits really well. We were so incredibly lucky to also receive one of Daffodillies' blankets. This quilt is super soft on both sides and really big. I have completely stolen it from Snappy and kept it to use when I am lounging! I hope more people find this gem of a store because there are so many wonderful items and the owner is a gem herself. Daffodillies would like to give one of my readers their Boo tee or onesie! (up to sz8)

My new favorite piece of jewelry is from a store on Etsy called Emilina Ballerina. One of my favorite things about it is the chain. It's nice and long and a dark silver. At the clasp is a tiny heart with the words "made with love" stamped on it. The pendant is something I've never seen before. It is a clear bubble with black rope-type detailing around the middle and at the top. Inside the bubble is the word "witchy". On the other side there is a cool black and white design inside the bubble so that I can wear the necklace whether it's Halloween or not. Love versatility! All of the bubble charm necklaces at Emilina Ballerina are awesome. They are, like all the other jewelry in this shop, inspirational. I love the "bloom" and the "imagine" bubble necklaces. Other jewelry includes bracelets and necklaces that are hand stamped and some with cute little charms. There are some great holiday pieces for Halloween and for Christmas. There are necklaces to express your individuality and bracelets to remind you of what is important. When I like so very many items in one store it's also really nice to know that all of them are really affordable. Going into the holiday season, it's important to maintain a tighter leash on that pocketbook and Emilina Ballerina will allow you to get some awesome gifts for others and treat yourself without breaking the bank. The quality is superb and I am incredibly happy to have found this shop. Emilina Ballerina would like to give one of my readers an amazing gift box and Halloween bubble necklace!

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