Welcome to the last giveaway of the Halloween Spooktacular Week!

Today's prize is a combo from 3 different companies.
There will be one winner that will receive all 3 prizes!!
There are extra bonus entries so be sure you complete them all for your chance to win this end of the week prize!!

I adore the clothing from this Etsy shop. My kids have tees from there and I have one for myself arriving in the mail any moment. Hilary's artwork is unique and original. All of the tees are handmade and of the highest quality. These tees get some serious wear at our house and have been through quite a few loads of laundry. The designs are still as perfect as the day we got them. Even with prices this affordable, it's nice to know the product will last. Both the kids get oohs and aahs when they wear their shirts out. TRex is absolutely in love with his Dragon tee from Hilary and Snappy looks adorable in her Bunny tee.

One of my favorite designs in the shop is the super cute little owl. You could definitely wear the owl tees any time of the year but, I think they are way too cute for October and Halloween wearing! The delightfully talented and humble designer behind Hilary has graciously offered to donate an Owl tee of the winner's choice to today's prize pack! The winner will get to pick any size from adult to child!

You didn't think I'd do a Giveaway Event without throwing in some stuff from my boutique, did you?! The Halloween Boo-tique here at Lolidots carries our popular Kikai Tees in Halloween themed styles for boys and girls.
You'll also find adorable Kutie Klips creations perfect for Halloween and Fall! The winner of today's contest will get one Halloween Kikia Tee in the style of their choice (white tee only) and will get to pick 2 of the Halloween bow creations!

This prize pack just got a little bigger! The company you know and trust for all your power tool needs has an amazing item just in time for Halloween. Dremel's Pumpkin Carving Kit is absolutely amazing.

Unlike regular pumpkin carving, you do not cut all the way through the pumpkin. The Dremel tool allows you to basically shave away layers at different levels according to their super easy to follow patterns. This creates a design that glows when lit from inside. The kit came with a bunch of different patterns of varying degrees of difficulty. You can also download patterns from the Dremel website which I think is very cool. I really don't think any of them are "difficult" because this tool makes things so easy. To me, it's a matter of how much time you want to spend on it. The simple faces aren't as time consuming as the haunted house scene or the pirate that my husband chose to do. First we cleaned out the pumpkin. The kids were both thrilled and disgusted at this.

Once the pumpkin is clean you can place your pattern where you want it on the pumpkin. This is the part where I really like that you can download and print your own patterns from their site. If you happen to have a larger pumpkin then you can enlarge the image before you print it. Otherwise, you can use a copy machine or a smaller pumpkin. You can use spray-on adhesive to place the pattern on the pumpkin. We used tape. The Dremel tool easily gets through the paper and you can trace the pattern. This can be done on the low setting until you need to remove a large area.

My husband was reluctant to use the pattern because he is an artist and would always rather draw his own but, he was quite pleased with the image and the outcome. He found it easiest to do a basic trace with the tool and then remove the paper to go back over his lines and make sure they were all the right depth and had a nice uniform look. (and so he could be a super perfectionist) The end result was delightful. I will say that this took about an hour from the time he started cutting the pattern. I would definitely think that the simpler patterns wouldn't take as long. Once it's finished you can test it with a candle inside. We really like the battery powered lights that flash or have different colors. If you want more light then you just carve out a little more pumpkin from the grooves. All in all my husband said it was extremely easy to use and he liked it much better than normal carving. There is more control with this tool and you can do much more intricate designs. He also liked the possibility to do freehand designs. We, and our super scary pumpkin, give the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit two spooky thumbs up. This is our end result...

One reader will win it all! The tee from Hilary, the tee and bows from Lolidots and the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit!!

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