What if every piece of bakeware in your kitchen collapsed and folded flat? The space saved in the cabinets would be amazing. Elaborate on that dream and imagine if all of that collapsible bakeware could cook, store and freeze your well cooked meals. That is a kitchen I want.

The team at Foldtuk has made this dream a reality. Their unique bakeware is unlike any other. Every piece is made from Foldtuk's innovative material, Ceramber. By using this breakthrough material, Foldtuk has created bakeware and cookware that heats and cools faster than silicone. It's strong, rigid and extremely durable. One of the most amazing things, in my opinion, is that you can put your Foldtuk directly from the freezer to the oven with no worries. It won't shatter, melt or burn and has been approved in temperatures up to 500 degrees.

I have the four-cup Rectangle FoldTuk and I love it. I have cooked dinners and desserts in my FoldTuk and everything comes out perfectly. I adore how wonderfully the size I have fits in my convection oven. I love that this bakeware is non-stick and doesn't need cooking spray. I am thrilled with the tiny amount of space it takes up in my cabinet and I thoroughly enjoy being able to throw the lid on and stick the leftovers right in the fridge. The only bad thing? That I only have one of these. I'm sure that eventually I'll have to get them all!

The unique design of the Foldtuk products allow each piece to be completely collapsed to create so much more room in your cabinets. The bakeware also comes wtih lids that go on securely and allow you to store in the same dish you cooked in. I love this feature. The cookware is designed to cook in, nice enough to serve out of and conveniently stores the leftovers. Aside from the space saved in the cabinets, the time saved by not having to transfer from dish to dish is fantastic.

The newest addition to the FoldTuk line is truly amazing. The FoldTuk Roaster can hold up to an 18 lb bird and has a wonderful elliptical cover that completely surrounds the meal to provide a juicy, evenly roasted finished product. Once collapsed, the Roaster has a height of less than 3 inches. You will never need another one of those wasteful aluminum pans again and forget about all the space in your cabinet being taken up by those huge roasting pans.

The bakeware and cookware from FoldTuk is so amazing it really speaks for itself. I will say that once you see all the possibilities and what these products can do, you will want them all. The durability is like none other. You don't have to worry about the FoldTuk being damaged from dropping it, melting in the oven or losing it's shape at all. For those who like to travel by RV or spend time boating, the FoldTuk dishes are fantastic because of the space they save and their noiseless material. There are so many perks to the cookware from FoldTuk and I recommend them to every woman I know.

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