I love candles. I love having them for decor and having scented candles lit when company visits. The problem is, I have two small children and get a bit paranoid with fire, especially in rooms where I'm not constantly supervising the lit flame. Recently I found something that completely solved the problem and provides me with beautiful candlelight, wonderful scent and none of the danger of open flames.

Enjoy Lighting offers flameless candles that are actually made of wax, give off scent, come in tons of different colors and textures and are completely free of fire. I am absolutely in love with them and, after using the two sent to me for review, have become such a fan that I will definitely be replacing all of my other candles with flameless candles from Enjoy Lighting.

I have some small shelves above the toilet in my guest bathroom. The bottom of the overhead cabinet is very close to these shelves. I've always had a candle sitting atop one of the shelves but have never been able to light it. As soon as I received the candles from Enjoy Lighting, that candle was the first to be replaced. For the first time ever, I was able to see how fantastic that bathroom looks with a lit candle in that area. I adore it and love being able to have what appears to be a lit candle in an area that would have been impossible before. The other candle Enjoy Lighting sent me went into a floral arrangement; another spot that never would have contained a lit candle.

The flameless candles from Enjoy Lighting use 3 LED lights and a computer chip that produce multiple points of randomly shifting light. This creates a glow that actually flickers like a real flame. When the candles are turned on there is no difference in the look of a real flame. Really, you cannot tell the difference. I love that they are made of real wax and the light looks like a real flame but, they are completely safe and cool to the touch.

Another fantastic feature of the Enjoy Lighting flameless candles is that some models include a built-in timer. My candles have this feature. I can set the timer and the candles will turn off on their own and come back on the next day. Love! Yet, even if I don't set the timer and I forget to turn the candle off, there is no danger. Plus, the LED bulbs last over 100,000 hours. Which means that these candles last far longer than any traditional wicked candle.

The fact that they last longer than regular candles is amazing. As much as I love candles in my decor, I'm always hesitant to buy them because they can be pricey. Enjoy Lighting candles cost about the same as an average department store candle, and less in many cases, yet they last so much longer and the safety of them is priceless. I must also say that, with two small kids who like to blow out candles, it's definitely a comfort to not have to deal with my candles being constantly blown out!

Enjoy Lighting flameless candles are absolutely one of my must-have recommendations for home decor. I am so thankful to have found this company and been able to try their products. I cannot wait to replace all of my other candles with these amazing flameless candles. With so many candle styles to choose from, I can create tons of different looks with my decor. Enjoy Lighting offers Ivory Smooth candles, Beeswax Drip Pillar candles, gorgeous Distressed Colors Pillars, Mottled Textured Pillars, Holiday Glacier Pillars, Holiday Iced Metallic Pillars, tealights and votives. It is truely possible to replace every candle in your home with a flameless candle from Enjoy Lighting.

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