My kids love being crazy. They also love music. There's tons of amazing kid music out there that feeds their craziness and wild ways. The thing is, sometimes I want to feed their love of music without feeding their zaniness. Sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to have some mellowness in our house. Granted, it doesn't happen often! Luckily, I've recently been introduced to a new kid music artist that fills an entire album with amazing, joyful, glorious, mellow music that kids will love and parents will be reaching for when the house needs to take a turn onto Mellow Avenue.

Elizabeth Mitchell's new CD, Sunny Day, is jam packed with the sweetest melodies and songs that can only be described by me as "chill". I've been listening to the disc for the last hour and just feel relaxed while I watch my daughter play quietly and sweetly on the floor with her toys. There is definitely a time for the rowdy music but, there are so many wonderful times during the day when an album like Sunny Day is absolutely perfect for the background music of the moment.

Nap time, quiet play, art time are perfect times for Elizabeth Mitchell. Keep it in the foreground as you sing along to the catchy tunes or fade it into the background for a sweet melody as you spend time with the kids. Daycare owners and parents of small children will absolutely love Elizabeth Mitchell's Sunny Day. I love that Elizabeth makes her album a family affair as she creates the music with her husband, Daniel Littleton, their nine-year-old daughter Storey, and Storey's cousins and friends. The kids singing along on the disc makes my kids more anxious to learn the words so that they can sing along.

I definitely recommend Sunny Day by Elizabeth Mitchell as a fantastic alternative to all the crazy, loud, rambunctious kid music out there. The mellow and chill melodies with the fun and uplifting lyrics are the perfect combination.

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