One reader will win Cool Jams wicking pajamas!

Did you know that over 85% of women will experience night sweats at some point in their lives? There are so many reasons women deal with night sweats. The most common reason is menopause but, younger women are not immune. I had night sweats throughout both of my pregnancies and woke up drenched for a couple of weeks after having the c-sections. I have friends who experience night sweats due to thyroid problems and have known many who deal with this problem because of diabetes. Even monthly premenstrual cycles can often mean that a women wakes up soaked in sweat. If you've ever dealt with this problem then you know what a pain it can be to need a change of clothes in the middle of the night. I remember waking up shivering because of the sweat. It's a very uncomfortable feeling.

Cool Jams is a company that has created a line of pajamas for women that eases the discomfort of night sweats. These amazing pajamas are made from an exclusive wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from your skin and helps to thermo-regulate your body temperature. The fabric is incredibly soft and silky and my Cool Jams are the most comfortable pajamas I've ever worn. The micro fiber in the fabric allows the pajamas to dry 100% faster than a normal cotton fabric. The way these pajamas are made makes the wicking part never wash out. No matter how often you wear them and how many times you wash them, your Cool Jams will keep working.

Sometimes, when I'm overly tired or not feeling well, I can't seem to get a steady body temperature. I'm either freezing or too hot. It's times like those that I will layer on clothing and have to take it off every few minutes. A few nights after getting these pajamas I had a bout of this body temperature craziness. I put my Cool Jams on and, not only were they amazingly comfortable, but they seemed to change with my body's temperature. The pants are warm enough for when I'm chilly and surprisingly cool enough if I get hot. Going out into the southern night heat didn't bother me, whereas with other pajama pants I would have been sweating.

I am a huge fan of these pajamas. There are so many styles to choose from. Whether you are a nightgown woman, prefer shorts, like capris or want pants, you'll find a cute pair of pj's to snuggle up in. I highly recommend these pajamas for every woman. Even if you don't experience night sweats, these pajamas are super comfy and cute.

Snappy is a fan too!

One reader will win their own set of Cool Jams pajamas!

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