When it comes to snacks for my kids I am often a little stumped. Honestly, it's sometimes difficult to find snacks that they really enjoy that are also healthy. I want to offer them snacks that will do good things for their body while making them super happy to be eating it. I also don't want to break my grocery budget while doing it.

I recently discovered Clif Bar, Clif Kid ZBar and Luna Bars and I'm such a fan. My kids sometimes have to be limited because they like these snack bars so much. I must say, they are incredibly yummy.

The Clif Bar family has created a line of energy and snack bars that are wonderful tasting, wonderfully good for you and come from a company that is wonderfully good to our planet and our people. Clif Bar's mission to make the planet a better place is heartwarming. It's not just in their food. They are stepping out (literally) to raise awareness about a greener earth. The Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge is asking people to change their routine once a week. When travelling under two miles, Clif Bar challenges everyone to stay away from the car, grab a bike and fight climate change. Once a week. That's it. 40% of urban US travel happens in trips that are under 2 miles. Instead of hopping in your car, take a walk or ride your bike. My kids and I walk the two blocks to the post office every single day and, believe me, that fresh air and little bit of exercise raises spirits and makes you feel great.

The Clif Bar lines of energy bars and snack bars are so yummy and good for you. The Clif Kid Zbar is full of what our busy and active kids need to keep them energized and nourished. The bars are lowfat, made with whole oats and contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals. They are made from all organic ingredients and, have I mentioned how yummy they are? I was actually amazed at their taste. Have you ever had a snack item that was labeled with a flavor but, only tasted like the imitation of that flavor? The Zbars we have tried are so full of flavor, I couldn't believe it. The very first one my son and I tried was the Blueberry ZBar. Unbelievable. The blueberry combined with the whole oats and other ingredients makes that bar taste so much like a blueberry muffin that was baked fresh from scratch. The chocolate bars and peanut bars are just as yummy and fresh tasting. One thing that I like, and am pretty sure my kids like, is the texture of the bars. Unlike granola bars, they have a smoother texture but, the consistency of a fudgie brownie. I am such a fan of these bars. Clif Bar sent us a few to try and within a few days we were at the grocery store buying more. These are now a staple snack in our house that I can feel really good about giving the kids.

The other snack from Clif Kid that we tried and now love was the Twisted Fruit. This is probably my favorite fruit snack ever. My kids love all the fruit snacks and I used to buy them all the time. Then one day, my hubby picked up a box and looked at the ingredients. We may as well pour spoonfuls of sugar down their throats. But, they love those snacks. Where is the alternative? The Organic Twisted Fruit from Clif Kid is real fruit twisted into a chewy rope. They have no added sugars, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors. And they are good!! I commented to my hubby after trying one, "Isn't it amazing how good real things taste without all the added junk?" Every Twisted Fruit equals one whole serving of fruit. And, because I just have to say it again, the flavors are outstanding! Every single flavor we tried was so great. My favorite is Grape. My daughter loves the Mixed Fruit.

I really recommend the snacks from Clif Bar for you and your kids. For women, the Luna Bars are just as yummy as the Clif Kid products but, they are filled with the nutrients and vitamins that are important for women's health. They are also very tasty. Other amazing products from Clif Bar include the original Clif Bar energy bar, Clif Nectar Bar, the Clif Builder's Bar that is entirely natural protein, Clif Quench hydration drink for sustained performance, Clif Mojo Sweet and Salty peanut bars and Clif Shot Roks that are bite sized protein pieces.

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