I spend a great deal of time at the computer. I know that, in today's world, I am not alone. There are a lot of people, both in the corporate cubicle world and in the at home business world, that spend hours on end sitting at their computer. We don't all have great posture and it's highly likely that a great majority of us end up sitting at the computer for long periods of time without taking a break. For overall health and well-being, we need some breaks.

The best kind of break? Exercise. I know what you are thinking. "I can't exercise at my desk." "I don't have time to exercise while I'm working." Well, you can, you do and you should. Let me introduce you to Break Pal. It's an interactive "exercise buddy" that will get you up and moving at different points throughout your workday.

Break Pal is a workplace wellness program that was created by two martial arts teachers who found themselves feeling tired and unmotivated after days of computer work. Their creation is a program that runs in the background of your computer and pops up at intervals to give you a few short minutes of their unique style of kunfuaerobics. It's a combination of soft aerobics and a very unique and fluid form of kung fu. It's not high impact. It doesn't take a lot of room. It's easy for everyone from beginners to pros. It's going to make you feel better.

How does it work?
At set intervals you get a pop up message on your computer that it is time to work out. Then you pick your exercise and get a follow-along instructional video on that particular exercise and start your micro workout. In addition, Break Pal is built around a social networking site. Imagine if your obsession with Facebook could be good for you! It's the same notion as having someone that makes you go for those nightly runs or pushes you to lift those weights a few more times. Having someone to talk to and motivate you is always helpful when working out.

I don't have time.

Yes. You do. The exercises are anywhere from 2-5 minutes and take up very little space. Once you sit back down you'll be refreshed and more productive. Who doesn't need more productivity? You'll also feel better when you leave the office at the end of the day because you weren't quite so sedentary all day. Your neck and shoulders will be getting stretched and you won't be so tired when you get home.

Love it?
Want to get your whole company in on the fun? Break Pal has a Company Trial Program for employee wellness that can get a group of you started right away.

Small company or just you at home? Get started with Break Pal right now!

Break Pal is giving one of my readers a lifetime premium membership!

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