As health conscious adults and parents, my husband and I try to make food choices for ourselves and our children that will promote a happy and healthy life. I know that most parents are like us in making the best food choices possible for their children. The day starts with breakfast and it's our first opportunity to instill the love of healthy natural food into our kids and start their days off right.

In 1971, a woman named Barbara decided that she wanted give families what they needed in regards to wholesome, healthy, natural food that tastes great. Since her first tiny storefront over 40 years ago, Barbara's Bakery has grown to include cereals, snack bars, cookies, crackers and cheese puffs. From breakfast to snacktime, Barbara's Bakery has got us all covered with yummy tasting food that is natural and so good for us.

My family recently tried a variety of the cereals offered by Barbara's Bakery. We are all now completely in love with the Puffins line of breakfast cereals. My husband loves how healthy these cereals are. The kids love how they taste and I love how much everyone loves them while knowing how good they are for my kids' growing bodies. All of the Puffins cereals we tried are fantastic and super yummy, especially the beloved Puffins Original but, my absolute favorite is the Puffins Puffs Fruit Medley. Imagine if the sugar laden cereal with a talking bunny was less sugary, more fruit filled, wheat free and had natural prebiotic fiber. The Fruit Medley Puffins Puffs are so scrumptious as a breakfast cereal but, for those like my daughter and myself who like a little dry cereal as an afternoon snack, you will love this cereal.


If you need a gluten-free snack, low-fat food, wheat-free, vegetarian, cholesterol free choice for snack or breakfast, look no further than Barbara's Bakery food choices.

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If you don't have a store near you that carries Barbara's Bakery products, first you need to write them and let them know what they are missing out on, then head over to the Barbara's Bakery website and purchase all your yummy goodies from the site!

Barbara's Bakery Contest!
Take the all-natural food makeover challenge! Submit a video to Barbara's Bakery sharing your worst food habits, your questions about eating natural foods or what you've done to try and change your family's habits. Deadline is November 30, 2010. One winner will be chosen to receive a private consultation with a celebrity nutritionist and a trip to the Napa Valley where Barbara's began!

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Barbara's Bakery wants to give you a cuddly reminder of their Puffins line of cereals! One reader will win a cute little Puffin Beanie Animal!

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