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Item gets tossed on the floor.

You pick it up.

Item gets tossed on the floor.

You pick it up.

Repeat ad nauseum.

Does that game sound familiar to anyone? The parents will probably recognize it as a normal routine when you have a baby. It's fun for them. Sometimes annoying for the parent. Sometimes messy for the floor. When my kids were very young and realizing the cause and effect of throwing objects on the floor, this game happened quite often at dinnertime. Usually, I would eventually get tired with the game and end up just feeding them myself. But, that's not always convenient and it's nice to allow a child to learn how to feed themselves. Yet, picking a bowl up off the floor is only fun a couple of times.

The Baby Diner is the perfect invention for this problem. When you think "baby proof", Baby Diner should come to mind. Using three suction cups, Baby Diner attaches to the table and then allows you to attach a flat-bottomed bowl or plate to the Baby Diner. And, voila! No more throw-the-bowl-on-the-floor game!

The construction of the Baby Diner is fantastic, the idea is beyond amazing and I absolutely think that every single parent should own a Baby Diner. You know what? I think that restaurants should keep them on hand just like they do with highchairs! I must also say that, my kids are past the age of the throw stuff on the floor at dinnertime game but, they aren't past the age of knocking stuff over at dinnertime because they aren't paying attention. The Baby Diner comes in handy even for my 6 and 3 year old.

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