Have you noticed the shift in "tween" music these days? It seems that the only difference between tween music and adult music is the possibility of fewer curse words and maybe a cheesier beat. The music world for tweens and teens is still littered with inappropriate innuendos and wrong messages.

In early 2009, co-creators Zuriani Zonneveld and Bonni Rambatan created a new singing sensation for tweens and teens to admire and listen to named Anni Zola. On June 29 of this year, Anni Zola - My Story was released. This enhanced cd incorporates four songs interwoven with three short stories in audiobook format and also includes bonus videos and jpg images.

Anni Zola means "beautiful earth". She is a teenager who blogs and tweets from a fictional planet and shares inspirations about being anything you want to be, dreams about an ideal world and cares about keeping the planet safe. Tweens and teens will be drawn to the character and story for it's social relevance and pop culture influences. The music is catchy and pop influenced while maintaining clean lyrics and a positive message that kids need to hear. While she may be fictional, Anni Zola is a far better role model than so many of today's young pop stars.

I think Anni Zola - My Story is a much needed CD in today's world of kids who grow up too quickly and are inundated with adult things far too early in life. There is an abundance of young child music and an overabundance of adult music but, tweens and teens are overrun with music that claims to be for them yet, often contains lyrics and innuendos that can definitely have a negative effect on their quickly growing minds, attitudes and self-esteems. The positive messages behind the Anni Zola CD are something that any parent can be happy about and the relatable way they are present is something that so many tweens will love.

I recommend the Anni Zola - My Story CD for any tween. The disc is targeted at boys and girls from 8-15 years of age. The anime art will grab them as quickly as the pop music and social relevances. I fully support the message and spirit behind this project and hope there will soon be more like this out there for young tweens.

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